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UH Breaks Ties with Jane Croson

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From *University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Page:

“Much of the attention has been on Jane Croson’s departure, and little has been on 2 current wahine players that have been making a big splash on the national scene. Mita Uiato and Tai Manu Olevao impressed the U.S. coaches in Colorado Springs with their skills. Mita Uiato, has always been expected to do well because of her enormous talent and incredible hands, and she did, but it was Tai Manu Olevao that has been the most impressive so far. Her progression has been nothing short of a miracle, beating out some of the best hitters in the country to make the U.S. women’s national A2 Team.

This comes as a blessing since 2-year starter, and all-conference hitter, Jane Croson is leaving the wahine program, and from the looks of things, Hawaii will not missed a beat. This is very good news to fans everywhere and especially to the university and state of Hawaii who are always behind the wahine 110%.”

*The page is not affiliated with University of Hawaii.

We are quite shocked!

University of Hawaii has decided to move on with their women’s volleyball program without their star, Jane Croson. Here’s some excerpts/quotes from an article originally published by last May 28th:

Hawaii coach Dave Shoji…

“We have come to a mutual agreement that Jane will leave Hawaii and go to school somewhere else.”

“There have been a lot of off-the-court issues that we had to deal with and now we won’t. She has a very powerful arm and the ability to create kills because of it. On the other hand, I think we might be a little more physical there (outside hitter) as far as athleticism and power.”


But this past school year was fraught with problems.

She was “suspended indefinitely” during the indoor season for “breaking team rules.” Shoji reinstated her after a month. In the spring, Croson was left home to “concentrate on academics” at the end of the sand season and posted on her Facebook page that volleyball “was now like a job.”


Rumors started swirling that she would transfer to Arizona, but Croson said Monday she did not know what she was going to do. “I’ve just been training and going to the gym and working out by myself,” she said by phone from her home in California.

Then she added, “I don’t really want to talk about this right now.”

Any Thoughts?

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  1. Jane Croson was only good during her first year and then she slowly got worse, maybe because of her attitude. Good riddance, team and coaches do not need the stress and should concentrate their efforts on those who matter and who take the program seriously.

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