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Giba Is Injured

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February 13th, 2012 UPDATE: Giba finally went under the knife to treat his injury and he posted the following pics on his FB.

Have a speedy recovery Godhoy!


February 3rd, 2012 UPDATE: It’s been a very stressful 2012 so far Godhoy. First, there was a report that he was separating with his wifey of 9 years which he eventually denied. Now, here’s something MORE serious.

Giba is possibly officially out of the Superliga aka Brazil’s Super League due to the same injury we reported more than a month ago. The physical therapy sessions he went through just didn’t work to help him recover from a stress fracture in his left tibia. The recovery will take about 2 months – we hope – and then he can slowly return to volleyball.

Watch This:

Coach Rezende is a bit worried about Giba but remains optimistic that he will recover just in time for the Olympics which is less than 6 months away. He released this statement on the site:

“Precisamos entender a importância dessa cirurgia agora em função da sua recuperação a tempo de disputar os Jogos Olímpicos. O Giba é um jogador fundamental para a equipe e confiamos que ele estará, sim, recuperado e bem até Londres.”

Translation: “We need to understand the importance of this surgery now depending on his recovery in time to compete in the Olympics. The Giba is a key player for the team and trust that he will, yes, recovered and well to London.”

Giba has also released this statement:

“Estou chateado por não poder jogar esse ano. Aconteceu esse casamento da Cimed com a SKY e gostaria muito de estar em quadra, mas, infelizmente, não estou podendo ajudar o time. Por outro lado tenho que ver que, para a minha carreira, em um ano olímpico, o mais correto era tomar a providência que estamos tendo. A cirurgia é o melhor a ser feito.”

Translation: “I am upset because I can not play this year. It happened this wedding Cimed with SKY and would love to be in court, but unfortunately I can not help the team. On the other hand have to do that for my career in an Olympic year, the most correct was to take the action we are taking. Surgery is the best thing to do.”

The Brazilian Federation has promised to provide Giba all the care and support that he needs.

Seriously, Brazil needs Giba when they compete at the Olympic Games. He is the team leader, the firepower, the source of intensity, the guide, the king and many more.

Have a safe surgery and please recover in time for the Olympics. We want to see you there!


World Cup was too exhausting for His Volleyball Highness Giba.

One of volleyball’s most popular icons in the last decade is INJURED!

Giba, who plays for Brazilian club team Sky Cimed, has a stress fracture in his left tibia. The injury was discovered during a routinely check up with his team doctor and now the 2 time Olympic medalist needs to rest for 45 days. The father of 2 will now go through a series of physical therapy sessions which includes strengthening and stretching exercises.

According to our source, Giba felt pain a few months ago which prevented him from playing at the South American Championship – which Brazil won – and bothered him again during the 11th day of the recently concluded 2011 Men’s World Cup – with Brazil claiming the bronze medal.

Seriously a few players and coaches have complained how exhausting the World Cup schedule was.

Anyways, we wish Giba a speedy recovery! He will miss a lot of matches in the Superliga but we hope to see him back during the Playoff Round/s.

(image: Renata)

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