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Surgery for Rogers


UPDATE: Todd Rogers provides details on his injury and surgery via Facebook:

August 24th: As most people already know, I injured my knee in Finland. Up to that point we had been playing quite well. We were in control of the finals match up 18-15 after I sided out and felt the tweak in my knee. Bummer but it happens.

August 24th: I have actually had a slight tear in my meniscus for about 3 months now. Has been a pain in the arse, especially over the 6 weeks in a row we had, but got through with decent results. Felt great in Aland after that week off but in the finals it was bugging me and was quite stiff. My season is done for the year as I will have surgery on Friday to repair the meniscus.

August 24th: Had a second MRI yesterday and saw the doctor to confirm that their is no other damage to the knee. The MRI came out with a healthy ACL, PCL, MCL etc…

Their was further damage to the medial meniscus though which is why it hurt so damn much more than the little tear I had before. Good news considering an ACL would have put me back for 6 months and this should only put me out for a month or so.

August 27th: Had surgery yesterday, Friday. Doctor said it went quite well. Was exactly what the MRI said, a torn miniscus. No damage to the ligaments etc…

Was able to immediately put weight on my knee which I could not do before surgery. Taking it easy this weekend. Ice and rest and then Monday I will start up with Rehab.

Big thanks to Dr. Gallivan who did my surgery. Only time will tell how things are but so far so good.

Side Dish: As far as we know, Phil Dalhausser has also decided to end the season.


Read More Below…

Last Sunday, Todd Rogers was forced to withdraw in the middle of the first set during the gold medal match against Brazil’s Marcio & Benjamin Insfran  at the FIVB Swatch World Tour stop in Finland.

“Rogers first injured his knee when the United States pair were leading 18-15. He called a timeout, but afterwards he was noticeably hobbling. Despite trying to play on, he was forced to stop with the scores tied at 21-21.” according to the FIVB. Todd’s teammate has also released a statement saying “Hopefully it is nothing serious. Knowing Todd though, he will take care of it, work hard and try to get back as quickly as possible. We were supposed to play the next tournament, but it doesn’t look too good right now.”

Fast forward…

Todd’s injury appears to be very serious and it requires surgery which means that he’s done this season as in Finland was his last tournament.

Sad Face =(

“I have had a small medial meniscus tear since a little before Beijing (in June) this year,” stated Rogers via email. “Just dealt with it through the year … props to all the medical guys and gals that have been helping me. Surgery was planned already after the Hague (event this week). Medical here (in Aland) told me I probably tore a little more of the meniscus and possibly some of the MCL. Impossible to know exactly how much was torn until I have the surgery though, which will either happen this week or next. Up to the doctor.” according to Todd in an email sent to Universal Sports.

With 2 more stops to go, Netherlands and Thailand, it appears that Dalhausser might look for a beach partner to play with. Maybe John Hyden?

Have a speedy recovery Todd!

Anyways, below are the results from the last 2 tournaments:


Austria – Klagenfurt, August 2-7


1. Pedro Cunha/Ricardo, $43,500
2. Brink/Reckermann, Germany, $29,500
3. Dalhausser/Rogers, United States, $23,000
4. Joao Maciel/Bruno Oscar Schmidt, Brazil, $18,400

Gold – Pedro/Ricardo def. Brink/Reckermann, 21-19, 18-21, 15-9 (65)
Bronze – Dalhausser/Rogers def. Maciel/Schmidt 21-14, 21-12 (38)

Finland – Aland, August 16-21

1. Marcio/Benjamin Insfran, $30,000
2. Dalhausser/Rogers, United States, $21,000
3. Alison/Emanuel, Brazil, $15,000
4. Fijalek/ Prudel, Poland, $11,200

Gold – Marcio/Benjamin def. Dalhausser/Rogers, 21-21, retired due to injury (22)
Bronze – Alison/Emanuel def. Fijalek/ Prudel 26-24, 16-21, 16-14 (59)


Austria – Klagenfurt, August 1-6

1. May-Treanor/Walsh, United States, $43,500
2. Xue/Zhang, China, $29,500
3. Keizer/Van Iersel, Netherlands, $23,000
4. Maria/Talita, Brazil, $18,400

Gold – May-Treanor/Walsh def. Xue/Zhang, 21-14, 26-24 (37)
Bronze – Keizer/Van Iersel def. Maria/Talita 21-18, 24-22 (42)

Finland – Aland, August 16-21

1. Xue/Zhang, China, $30,000
2. May-Treanor/Walsh, United States, $21,000
3. Juliana/Larissa, Brazil, $15,000
4. Maria/Talita, Brazil, $11,200

Gold – Xue/Zhang def. May-Treanor/Walsh, 21-16, 17-21, 15-9 (43)
Bronze – Juliana/Larissa def. Maria/Talita 21-19, 18-21, 21-19 (56)

(images: FIVB/ Todd Rogers for Red Bull)


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