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Natalie Cook’s Sentiments

natalie cook

We can totally understand where she’s coming from.

2000 Olympic gold medalist and 4 time Olympian, Natalie Cook, has some not so nice words to say on the status of beach volleyball in Australia and that the sport is vanishing in a country surrounded by the world’s top beaches.

“To have London make a claim that says ‘we are going to showcase the sport of beach volleyball’ really should be a slap in the face to Australia to say ‘why aren’t you putting it on the most iconic beaches in the world? We have the best beaches in Australia and just aren’t using them.” says Cook on an article released by Metro.Co.UK

To even justify claims, the 37 year old who is preparing to compete in her 5th Olympics also adds that “There’s not a sign that the event was even there (Bondi Beach). Nobody is even allowed to play with their ball on the beach. No ball sports allowed.”

To think that you can not even find traces of Olympic glory at Bondi Beach where Natalie and her former teammate Kerri Pottharst won the gold is a HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE! We went to Bondi Beach 5 years ago and we didn’t see any signs at all from the 2000 Olympics. Zad!

Wake Up Australia!

Maybe if the President of the Australian Volleyball Federation, Chris Schacht, wins the FIVB Presidency this year then beach volleyball will be resurrected in the Land of OZ?

We hope so!

Watch This: Natallie and Kerri’s Olympic Gold Medal Moment.





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  1. typical. that was 12 years ago. we have to move forward. i think we had a sign somewhere but it probably got washed away at high tide. replace the sign? are you kidding? who would pay for it? corporate greed doesn’t allow us to use money we’ve stolen, er. . . i mean acquired, from other sources for projects other than lining our own pockets. (do you have any idea what i had to pay for my jet and my vacation house?) and as far as balls on the beach? obviously it’s a safety issue. we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt. think of the negative publicity. someone gets hit in the face, starts bleeding, runs into the water to clean off and is eaten by a shark. (hmmmmmm, tourists with sick senses of humor fly down, spend money on hotels and restaurants and souvenir t-shirt$$$$$. . . ) nah, not worth the effort. if people want to play beach volleyball let ’em move to california. at least they have a pier and a hall of fame. let them deal with the headaches!!

  2. Totally understand Nathalie. As a regular visitor to OZ and keen beachvolleyball player, I didn’t see a lot Australian beaches with beachvolleyball courts or players – actually, none. What a shame for a country who prides itself of having the most beautiful beaches worldwide. “No ballsports” on the beach? How ridiculous!!!

    Living in a landlocked (!) European country, we have beachvolleyball courts in many public parks, every lake resort, public swimming pools etc. And people really use them and love it!

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