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Misty May To Retire

Misty May

After 13 years of life in the sand, one of the world’s best volleyball players that our generation has ever seen will retire after the London Olympics.

Two time Olympic gold medalist Misty May Treanor will make her final tournament appearance with partner Kerri Walsh at the Games in London which is 32 days away.

When asked if she’d miss playing, the 34 year old said she won’t. “I’ve made a lot of friends doing this. But a lot of those friends don’t play anymore. The travel gets tiring. I’ll miss some of the different people, and I’ll miss some other parts. But I’m ready to move on.” Her plans after London include a trip to Las Vegas which is already booked, children and travel with her husband, Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor. “There’s more to life than volleyball. It’s time for me to step away.” according to Misty who has earned more than $2.1 million as a professional player (excluding past and current endorsements).

In case you didn’t know, Misty tore her Achilles tendon in her left leg back in 2010 while practicing for American TV show Dancing With The Stars.

The injury has indeed affected Misty’s game.

According to our source: May-Treanor said she changed her playing style after the Achilles injury. She had to; she can’t jump as high, and her right leg becomes sore quicker because she leans on it more than she does her left. “The great thing about your body is it learns to take over, to make up for that,” she said. “Different areas and other muscles can make up the difference.” said Misty.

Misty plans to coach indoor at a junior college and also obtain her master’s degree in coaching and athletic administration from Concordia University in Irvine, California this Fall after the London Olympics.

We’re a bit sad to hear about her retirement but at the same time Misty is totally right that after playing for so many years “there’s more to life than volleyball”.

We wish you the best Misty!

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  1. Misty – It will be sad to not see you play beach volleyball with Kerri Walsh Jennings after the London Olympic Games.

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